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AIDS United is uniquely situated to support people at risk of or living with HIV/AIDS. We do this through a holistic approach that includes funding community-led initiatives, engaging in grassroots capacity building, and advocating for effective prevention and treatment policies. We are on this 24/7.

When you choose to fundraise for an initiative below, you will become a part of our Circle of Support.

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People in the South

Southerners are more likely to contract HIV than other regions of the United States, and to die at higher rates of AIDS. Funds raised to support this circle will help community-led initiatives focus on prevention, care and support, policy, advocacy and movement building throughout the South

Black GBQ Men

Black gay, bisexual, queer and same-gender-loving men who have sex with men are more affected by HIV than any other group in the United States. Funds will empower community leaders to fight against barriers such as stigma, lack of services and insufficient awareness of the programs and opportunities available.

Transgender Communities

These communities face unique challenges, compounded by racial and ethnic health disparities, and a lack of culturally competent providers. Funds will help community-led groups raise up and connect transgender leaders to address these challenges and improve health outcomes.

Health Care Access Expansion

Nearly half of all people living with HIV in the United States rely on initiatives such as the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program for care, and about 40% rely on Medicaid. Funds are awarded to initiatives that provide people with primary medical care, essential support services and medications.

Harm Reduction Interventions

Infected needles result in over 3,000 new cases of HIV in the U.S. each year. Funds will be granted to programs that provide people who inject drugs with sterile equipment, overdose prevention, and advice to reduce the harms of injection drug use and improve overall health.

Relief, Recovery & Resilience Fund

This fund meets the immediate and emergent needs of people living with and at risk for HIV in places affected by natural disasters and health emergencies such as COVID-19 by helping community-based organizations get access to HIV care, housing, food and other essentials.

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